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Gourmet award winning pizzas, Monster Subs, fresh salads, wings and calzones.


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What. an. amazing. package. :) Although there are missing items in my food delivery from my order that I received, and although the total transaction sum total that I see in my transaction list in my checking account in the financial banking establishment that I utilize is incorrect, the food that I am currently still working through (and am absolutely amazed by ;P) is superbly health-savvy, fresh as rock, beautifully designed in packaging for edible consumption, and efficiently packed for consumer well-being. Thank you again, Extreme Pizza!!! for another wholesome positive experience of genuine authenticity!!!! I will be calling in with GrubHub to sort out my order discrepancy and transaction sum total regarding my missing food/beverage items and pending refund situation in about a second. Best Regards, - T


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We are so glad we no longer have to drive down towards Petaluma/Vallejo to have this delicious goodness. I am in love with the menu here it is so hard to choose. I love a good calzone always sure to satisfy.


Top Reviewer
The "Pow Pows" are amazing but everything else I got was good, too. Just anchovy salad, expected them on the side, not right on the salad.


4 reviews
They are wonderful, the food is absolutely delicious though a little pricier than a standard pizza place.


1 review
Grub hub works great! Extreme Pizza in Santa Rosa is wonderful. Everything on their menu is delicious!!

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1 review
In my own experience, our delivery was on time and the delivery driver was very polite. The food was also good, I would order from here again.


2 reviews
Awesome vegan pizza. Thank you!

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Delivery: 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM
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If you want to get a sense of our business philosophy, all you have to do ispick up a slice. Theres no better testament to "Dedication to Quality, Commitment to Innovation" than the pizza itself. Our dedication to quality comes from a strict policy to use only the freshest ingredients, the tastiest combinations of toppings, and a mouth-watering store-baked crust. As for the innovation side of things, well thats easy. Think about it. What does an office full of freethinking, pizza connoisseur daredevils get you? It Gets You mandarin oranges, Canadian bacon, pineapples, mozzarella, and cheddar (Paia Pie). It gets you black beans, grilled chicken, olives, onions, cilantro, and cheddar (Baja 1). And for the politically savvy pizza-eaters, it gets you homemade hummus in place of tomato sauce, tomatoes, olives, feta, fresh basil, pepperoncinis, and mozzarella (Peace in the Middle East). This is the sort of pizza invented by people who sail from kites, who snowboarded before there were snowboards, and who learned to always color outside the lines. At Extreme Pizza, were always experimenting with new ways to test the palette, to push the pizza experience to a higher level. And because weve received such raving support from our customers and food critics, we have made the sky our limit as to what we can create on our canvas crust. Whether you eat at Extreme, have a piping hot pie delivered to your doorstep, or try one of our "take-n-bake" pizzas that you cook at home, youll need to gear up for an eating adventure. Are you ready to get extreme?